About Our Program


•Is an independent, non-profit, peer assistance, advocacy, and monitoring program for pharmacists and pharmacy interns

•Provides information and guidance to any person who contacts our agency.

•Assists the pharmacist or intern, family member, friend, employer, and pharmacy school with the procedure needed when there is a concern regarding impairment.

•Instructs employers and other professionals regarding the mandatory reporting requirement to the Board of Pharmacy.

•Completes an intake assessment with the pharmacist or intern and makes arrangements for a professional evaluation with the appropriate treatment center or provider.

•Implements a monitoring contract for pharmacists or interns who have been diagnosed with a substance use disorder or significant mental health disorder. This includes coordination with the treatment center, physicians, and employers.

•Provides monitoring services to any pharmacist or intern.

•Can assist a pharmacist with a suspended license in the reinstatement process.

•Can assist and support pharmacist or intern with criminal charges or convictions.

•Provides professional outreach and educational training to employers, pharmacy schools, and professional pharmacy organizations regarding the mission of SARPH.