Secundum Artem Reaching
Pharmacists With Help


What is S.A.R.P.H.?

SARPH is an independent, non-profit organization, recognized by the Pennsylvania
State Board of Pharmacy, dedicated to helping pharmacists and pharmacy interns manage
substance use and mental health disorders. Since its inception in 1984, SARPH has emerged as an established, experienced, successful, credible, and nationally recognized leader in pharmacist peer assistance programs. SARPH is not a part of the State Board of Pharmacy and is not a regulatory agency.

Our Mission

Our mission is to identify, intervene upon, advocate for, monitor, and provide support, help, and hope to pharmacist or pharmacy intern experiencing addiction or mental health disorders

Our Goals

  • To protect the public from a pharmacist who may not be safe to practice.
  • To promote early identification, intervention, treatment, and rehabilitation for any
    pharmacist or pharmacy intern diagnosed with a substance use disorder or
    mental health disorder.
  • To assist a pharmacist or intern in the recovery process and eventual safe return
    to practice by monitoring compliance with the contract requirements
  • To increase awareness of impairment issues through the education of pharmacy
    students, employers, and peers within the pharmacy community.
  • To continue to improve our monitoring and advocacy program to assure that we
    remain a credible, professional organization.

“Thanks to S.A.R.P.H., and over 2 1/2 years of sobriety, I can truly say that living life has become more of a blessing. My life has become simplified, enjoyable, and more manageable.”