S.A.R.P.H. is Pennsylvania’s Pharmacist Peer Assistance Program

Secundum Artem Reaching Pharmacists with Help

S.A.R.P.H. is a program, approved by the Pennsylvania State Board of Pharmacy, dedicated to helping pharmacists and pharmacy students to deal with the disease of Chemical Dependency, Alcoholism and other psychological disorders.  Since its inception in 1984, S.A.R.P.H. has emerged as an established, experienced, successful, credible, and nationally recognized leader in pharmacy peer assistance programs.

Secundum Artem is a Latin phrase loosely translated to “To make favorably with skill”. Over the centuries medications have come in many forms. It has been the work of the Chemist, Apothecary, and Pharmacist to manufacture these preparations and to present them in forms acceptable to patients.

S.A.R.P.H.  is a program of pharmacists providing help to pharmacists and doing it “according to the art and with great skill”. We are a non-profit organization dedicated to helping pharmacists and pharmacy students in Pennsylvania who may be suffering from substance abuse and/or mental illness to recover and be gainfully employed in their chosen profession through early identification, intervention, treatment and monitoring.


The Governing Body is a 9 member Board of Directors, which consists of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and five Pharmacist Board Members.   S.A.R.P.H. also utilizes the services of other volunteer peer mentors located geographically across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. 



Provides leadership and has decision making authority for S.A.R.P.H.

Updates the requirements for implementation of the program

Conducts the Board of Directors meetings and other business for the S.A.R.P.H. program



Responsible for the day to day operations and administration of the S.A.R.P.H. program.

Acts as a liaison to the Board of Pharmacy in Pennsylvania and Pennsylvania’s Professional Health Monitoring Program (PHMP)

Is a signatory on the monitoring contract for Pharmacists or Pharmacy Students



The peer mentors voluntarily act as colleague support persons for participants under the monitoring contract. Each mentor continues to have active contact until the participant completes the program. Program participants may be considered for eligibility as peer mentors after having satisfactorily completed the S.A.R.P.H. program.



Our State Board is supportive of our program. S.A.R.P.H. is the dedicated pharmacy peer assistance program contracted through the Pennsylvania Department of State.  The contract grants us the privilege of being the officially recognized program for pharmacists and pharmacy students licensed in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  The Board will refer eligible cases to us for enrollment when a complaint is received.   Eligibility and monitoring are coordinated between S.A.R.P.H. and the Professional Health Monitoring Program.   The Pennsylvania State Board of Pharmacy provides S.A.R.P.H. with a partial funding grant.



A standardized contract with a three-year term is utilized. Random Observed Body Screens are used to determine if abstinence is being maintained.  (We may require urine, serum, blood, saliva, perspiration or hair testing in fulfillment of this requirement.)



Since its inception in 1984 through December 2014, over 4200 participants have enrolled in the program.  93 % of our participants have successfully completed.