Executive Director: Kathie Simpson

Ms. Simpson became the first director of SARPH in 2003.  The program had reached critical mass and required the services of a paid director to handle its day to day operations. She is a veteran behavioral health nurse with a wealth of experience in the chemical dependency field. Ms. Simpson’s behavioral health expertise is invaluable to clients suffering from substance use disorders and mental health disorders such as bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and others.
tel: 800-892-4484
fax: 724-446-7399

Assistant Director of Operations: Linda Knor
tel: 800-892-4484
fax: 724-446-7399

Board Counsel:  Mr. Ansley Westbrook, Esquire




President:  Mr. Jeff Edelmann
Vice President: Ms. Richelle Lehman
Secretary:  Mr. James Caputo, Secretary
Treasurer:  Mr. William Kolash, Treasurer


Dr. George Downs
Dr. Lee Fiegert
Mr. Douglas Hess
Mr. Robert Rossi
Dr. Ryan Stout