Can I contact S.A.R.P.H. without the Board of Pharmacy being notified?

ABSOLUTELY! All calls are handled with caring and confidentiality.  Our goal is to assist the professional who needs help with a drug or alcohol problem or mental illness BEFORE his/her practice is affected.  We encourage pharmacists and pharmacy students to call S.A.R.P.H. for help BEFORE they have a complaint filed with the Board and BEFORE they need an attorney because they have criminal charges. 

What makes me eligible for enrollment in the S.A.R.P.H. Monitoring Program?

You are eligible for enrollment in our program if you are a pharmacist or pharmacy student who has been diagnosed with a substance use disorder or a psychological and/or mental health disorder such as bi-polar disorder, psychosis, and schizophrenia.  Enrollment requires entrance into a contract with S.A.R.P.H. as an agreement to comply with the terms and conditions or our monitoring.  You voluntarily sign a contract with S.A.R.P.H. as a commitment to your recovery.

What will it cost me to contact S.A.R.P.H.?

Nothing.  We conduct a FREE phone needs assessment and provide referrals to licensed treatment providers who specialize in evaluating and treating health care professionals.  You will pay no fees to S.A.R.P.H. until you are enrolled in our program.

What are the key components of monitoring by S.A.R.P.H. and what are the costs once enrolled?

Random Drug Screening: average cost $32 – $50 per screen plus collection fee charged by the lab.

Treatment:  Evaluation – average cost free to $125         

In-Patient Detoxification, In-patient Rehabilitation, Partial program, Intensive Out-patient Program, Individual Therapy and Group Therapy are typically covered by your Insurance or Medical Assistance. You will be told up front what if any costs you will be required to pay. We also assist with obtaining County funding for those uninsured.

Twelve Step Meeting Attendance – FREE

Specialty Pharmacist Meetings – FREE

Peer Mentor: a pharmacist who has completed our program and who is now enjoying a new life who will act as a friend and a guide in your journey into recovery – FREE

How long will I be monitored?

Our program is a three year monitoring program that provides support and documented evidence of your recovery.

I was suspected of taking drugs from my employer – what should I do?

Contact S.A.R.P.H. immediately for assistance so that we can gather information and guide you through the referral and reporting process.

My Employer said they have to report me to the Attorney General’s Office, DEA, local police – what will happen?

Employers have a legal requirement to notify these agencies.  You may be contacted by any of these agencies.  Contact S.A.R.P.H. and we can assist you in finding the legal representation.   

 What is the PHMP?

The PHMP (Professional Health Monitoring Program) is a Pennsylvania government agency that works in conjunction with the Pennsylvania Licensing Boards.  Their primary focus is to protect the health and safety of the public from healthcare providers who they believe may be at risk of being impaired.

My Employer said they are reporting me to the Board of Pharmacy – what will happen?

A complaint to the Board of Pharmacy will be referred to the PHMP, whose role it is to determine the likelihood of of your practice being a danger to the public.    That determination will be based largely in part on the results of an drug and alcohol and/or a mental health evaluation by an approved provider.

What should I do if I get a letter from the PHMP?  

If you receive a letter from the PHMP, please contact S.A.R.P.H. as it instructs you to do.  Our role is to help you address the letter, refer you for an evaluation if necessary, and clear up any misconceptions you may have about what is being asked of you.